Leafy Spurge

Euphorbia esula

Growth Habitat: Perennial, grows up to 3 feet tall.

Leaves: Long and narrow, usually drooping.

Stems: Branched near top, hairless, entire plant contains milky white sap.

Flowers: Inconspicuous, surrounded by large heart-shaped floral leaves that turn yellow green near maturity.

Roots: Vertical and horizontal. Main vertical roots can penetrate 26 feet deep. Horizontal rhizomatous roots, near soil surface, extend outward from the parent plant 15 feet per year.

Seeds: Produces up to 140 seeds per plant, viable up to 8 years or longer. Projects seeds up to 15 feet from the base of the plant. Seeds float on water.

Reproduces: By seed and by bud. Large number of buds on each root. Each bud is capable of producing a new, independent plant.

Habitat: Riparian areas to dry hills.