The Clearwater Resource Council is committed to conserving and protecting the aquatic resources and ecosystems in the Clearwater Valley in a way that is representative of the Seeley Lake community's desires and is integrated with the management of terrestrial ecosystems.

Water and fisheries of the Clearwater River Basin, particularly those associated with the large, low elevation lakes, are a backdrop to our community. Our lakes are directly influenced by the condition of the streams that drain surrounding watersheds.

Volunteers have been working for more than 10 years to monitor and gather information about most of our lakes. Volunteers have also work to expand the relatively limited information about the conditions of our streams.

Teachers and students in the Seeley schools have stepped in to improve our knowledge about Morrell Creek, a particularly important stream flowing right through our community. Patti Bartlett and her 7th and 8th grade science students at Seeley Lake Elementary have been following water quality and fish populations in Morrell Creek. They created the “Morrell Riparian Classroom” where students continue to “get their feet wet” doing real stream restoration and learning about this stream, its biology and water quality.

In fall 2011 Tonya Smith, science teacher at the Seeley-Swan High School, initiated the “Students in Action"  to contribute new, detailed information on nutrients and stream flow.

Learn more about these CRC Projects:

CRC is a Bonneville Environmental Foundation Model Watershed. In the first five years of the partnership, CRC has accomplished a great deal. This report details those accomplishments. You can download the original proposal HERE. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with BEF for the next 5 years.