The Clearwater Resource Council (CRC) works to engage the community and facilitate efforts that will enhance, conserve, sustain, and protect the natural resources and rural lifestyle of the Clearwater Watershed for present and future generations. Learn more »


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January 25, 2018 - read the Seeley Swan Pathfinder article, A Place for All: CRC Launches Clearwater Lakes Alliance Initiative, which describes CRC's efforts to establish a coordinated, proactive program for protecting the valley's lakes and streams.

November 23, 2017 - CRC's Leadership in preventing aquatic invasive mussels lands DNRC grant. Check out the Seeley Swan Pathfinder article, AIS Prevention Grants Awarded to learn more.

November 16, 2017 - Read the Seeley Swan Pathfinder article, "AIS Sampling Ends for the Season - No Mussels Detected.

September 14, 2017 - Get Ready for the Next Fire Season is an article by by Signe Leirfallom, CRCs Community Forester which appeared in the Seeley Lake Pathfinder.

August 31, 2017 - Read A Place for All article that appeared in the Seeley Lake Pathfinder to learn what is happening with the Trails Project.


July 20, 2017 - AIS Inspection is critical in helping to prevent the introduction of invasive mussels, however boats could still slip by and launch. Read the Seeley Swan Pathfinder article for a view on what would it take to reach the "gold standard?" Additional Pathfinder articles on AIS can also be read by typing "mussel" or "CRC" into the Pathfinder search box (near the top, right).  The state's AIS information resource is Montana's Mussel Response. Be sure to check it out.

The last Pure Montana Tales - Moose event


FWP research biologist, Nick DeCesare shared information and data gathered as part of a moose population study he’s leading. Currently he is halfway through a ten year study of moose in three areas of the state. The information included factors that influence the numbers of moose in those areas including predators, parasites, and habitat. The study is also looking at effective methods for monitoring the populations since moose are harder to find using aerial observations. Details about the research can be found by going to the FWP Moose Populations & Monitoring page.

Research about other animals can be found
at the FWP Wildlife Research page.


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Read the latest newsletter. (1.3 MB)

Read the latest newsletter.
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2016 Adopt-A-Stream report (1.3 MB)
and the
CRC Volunteer 2016 aquatics monitoring work.
(preliminary report)

Watch CRC's Keeping Clearwater
A 15 minute movie detailing efforts to protect the watershed.

I am particularly proud of the role CRC has played with hazard fuel reduction work around Seeley Lake which is so important. CRC has been a light for the Valley and its residents - keep up the good work.
— Tim Love, former District Ranger, Seeley Lake Ranger District

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Photography: Lake and stream - Ann Mondul; Paddleboarders - Lee Boman; Celebrate the Clearwater - Jenny Rohrer