Celebrate the Clearwater

Summer Event

The 2019 Picnic was held on Sunday, July 14th from 3 - 5 p.m. at the Double Arrow Homestead Cabin in Seeley Lake. Here are a few images from the afternoon.


Celebrate the Clearwater (CtC) is our annual celebration of life and the natural world in our scenic watershed. Usually held in July, this event combines activities that celebrate our area's beauty and recreational opportunities combined with reports on the state of the forests, streams, rivers and lakes in our watershed. Partnering with agencies and others doing watershed work, this event helps to point to strategic areas that need attention and help motivate the agencies and NGOs to move towards a mutual goal. 

The 2018 Picnic was held Sunday, July 15, 3PM โ€“ 5 pm, at the Double Arrow Homestead Cabin, Seeley Lake

Read the Seeley Swan Pathfinder article,  CRC Celebration Is a Hoot  about the event.

Read the Seeley Swan Pathfinder article,
CRC Celebration Is a Hoot about the event.

The 2018 picnic featured, Kate Davis, founder of Raptors of the Rockies as the featured speaker.

Did you know that a golden eagle can spot a rabbit from two miles away?
Or that the broad face of an owl works like a satellite dish to gather sounds?  

Kate Davis founded Raptors of the Rockies in 1988 to educate school children and the public about raptors and resource conservation. Since then, Kate and birds have appeared in more than 1670 programs for 132,000 audience members, young and old alike. She will bring four of her raptors to Seeley Lake for this fun, outdoor event.
Kate is author of Raptors of the Rockies, Falcons of North American and many other books. 
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The 2017 Celebrate the Clearwater took place on Sunday, June 25th, focusing on the Jocko Lakes Fire which happened ten years ago.

A small group took a 3-stop, 90 minute tour of the fire area, remembering the progress of the fire and looking at the "burn area" to see how it is recovering.

They joined a large crowd at the community hall to enjoy some delicious BBQ and to share memories of the fire.  Much appreciation to Tim and Donna Love for their presentations as well as everyone who shared a remembrance.

Read the Pathfinder article to learn
more about both events.

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Celebrate the Clearwater in 2016 was titled Trails for Everyone and featured keynote speakers Heidi Von Everen from the Whitefish Legacy Project and Russ Ehnes from the National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council.

CRC partnered with the DNRC, USFS, FWP, Seeley Rocks, the Seeley Lake ATV Club and the Seeley Lake Chamber of Commerce Trails Committee to provide information on area trails planning and updated the audience on the work of the Seeley Lake Trails Project, which CRC facilitates.