Part of what makes the Clearwater Valley so special is the fresh air we get to breathe on a daily basis. However, that fresh air is in jeopardy in the winter months due to our increasing use of wood to heat our homes. READ MORE »



The Clearwater Resource Council is committed to conserving and protecting the aquatic resources and ecosystems in the Clearwater Valley in a way that is representative of the Seeley Lake community's desires and is integrated with the management of terrestrial ecosystems. READ MORE »


The Clearwater Resource Council is convening a Coordinated Forest Management Initiative in the Clearwater Valley. The primary purpose of the Initiative is to assist in the coordination by cooperating agencies, companies, landowners and others of vegetative management actions on forest lands in the Clearwater Watershed. READ MORE »


The Clearwater Resource Council is committed to protecting the Seeley Lake community from wildfire. As such, CRC is heavily involved in fuels management efforts in the Valley. READ MORE »


CRC has been an active partner with other community organizations addressing the issue of growth management and density, wildfire safety, and economic challenges in the Clearwater Valley. READ MORE »


The Clearwater Resource Council (CRC) conducted a landscape assessment for the Clearwater Valley planning area. The landscape assessment evaluated the Valley relative to addressing the objectives of enhancing, conserving, and protecting the natural ecosystems and rural lifestyle of the Clearwater River region. READ MORE »

landscape restoration

The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project (CFLRP) is a program of the U.S. Forest Service that competitively funds collaborative efforts to address fuel mitigation, forest restoration, fish and wildlife habitat improvement, noxious weed treatment and renewable resource management in selected landscapes. READ MORE »


The Clearwater Resource Council is committed to eradicating invasive weeds in the Clearwater Valley. We have compiled a list of information and resources pertinent to weed management in the Valley. READ MORE »