Clearwater Partners Workshop

Winter Wildlife Tracking Workshop
featuring Adam Lieberg
Swan Valley Connections
Saturday, January 21, Seeley Lake, MT

The workshop started with a presentation by Adam Lieberg. Adam is a wildlife tracker and field biologist. He shared several delightful "trail camera" video sequences and then provided information on key aspects of identifying animal tracks based on the habitat and gait patterns.

The afternoon provided a chance to get out and apply insights from the morning presentation.



A collection of ideas participants recall from the tracking workshop

Habitat and behavior

Felines are likely to move along the edge of cover, whereas canines will walk across open space.

Track patterns and gaits

When the pace quickens, the straddle becomes narrower.

Signs and Scat

DWD – downed woody debris, creates the entry points for rodents and weasels to get under the snow.


The Afternoon Outing


photos by Jeff Harrits