Landscape Assessment

Due to size considerations, large figures referenced in the draft assessment may be individually viewed via the MAPS page.

Update: In 2008, CRC updated the Landscape Assessment. The updated assessment is now available online at the links above.

The Clearwater Resource Council (CRC) conducted a landscape assessment for the Clearwater Valley planning area. The landscape assessment evaluated the Valley relative to addressing the objectives of enhancing, conserving, and protecting the natural ecosystems and rural lifestyle of the Clearwater River region.

The assessment includes information on the distribution of a number of species of interest or concern (grizzly bear, Canada lynx, elk, bull trout, westslope cutthroat trout), and wildlife linkage zones. Wetland and riparian areas were delineated and are included as is information on forest cover types, tree sizes and densities, ecosystem diversity, forest habitat types, forest productivity, and soils information. Factors that can influence the development potential of sites in the Valley, including the wildland-urban interface identified in the Seeley/Swan Fire Plan (2004), slopes, and proximity to current infrastructure are included in the assessment. Locations in the Valley that have views of mountains and lakes as well as having proximity or frontage on water (lakes and major streams) were determined and mapped. An economic background for the Seeley Lake area is discussed. The assessment identified resource values and other development limitations occurring on each 30m pixel as well as each legal section within the Valley, and these values were quantified and mapped, and a summary of the values occurring in each section is provided.