Our Mission:

The mission of the Clearwater Resource Council is to engage the community and facilitate efforts that will enhance, conserve, sustain, and protect the natural resources and rural lifestyle of the Clearwater Watershed for present and future generations.

Our Goals:

  • Build community capacity to resolve issues;

  • Create opportunities for interaction among citizens, businesses and agencies;

  • Build common ground by consensus process;

  • Facilitate timely collection and dissemination of information;

  • Enhance the understanding of cumulative effects of land management practices; and

  • Develop and support responsible resource stewardship programs.

Current Board Members:

Jon Haufler, President
Mark Williams, Vice President
Carolyn Mehl, Secretary/Treasurer
Bill Wall, Past President
Doug Anderson
Tom Beers
John Fulton
Cathy Harrits
Mary Meister

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Executive Director -currently vacant -
McKenzie Schessl , Aquatics - Big Sky Watershed Corps Member
Rachel Jennings, Bookkeeper and Grant Administrator